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About Us:


A.I.C. Insurance Schools are approved in Georgia and North Carolina as Online Pre-licensing and Contiuing Education Schools.

The Online advantages :                                                                                                                                                                                1-Study at your place or any place (No long commute or traffic to contend with)

2-Study at your pace! not some boring instructor's pace

3-Start when you are ready;Stop when you need to; Take as long as needed 

4-Pay for the course not some rented room: Pay yourself to study, not someone to read the material to you

5-Benefit from multiple sources of study and Muliple practice exams giving instant feedback of retention 

6-Study tools available such as Flash Cards, unique practice question,and a unique Hard copy study manual.

7-Off-Line study via a well written Hard copy study manual study tool

8- Study is under your controll                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


A.I.C. Insurance Schools, also known as First Georgia Insurance and First North Carolina Insurance School, are a Georgia based school.

A.I.C. Insurance School [ American Insurance Courses ] was founded in July 2007 as a Franchise division of A.D. Banker Insurance School and was successfully operated until September 2014 when the franchise was negotiated back to A. D. Banker and reopened as an independently owned school called A.I.C. SCHOOL. INC.

A.I.C. was the Georgia domiciled corporate name, but "Did Business As" 1st Georgia Insurance School. Furthermore, it was during this time the states of 1st North Carolina and 1st Tennessee, and later 1st Idaho were added.

>note< A.I.C. is a locally owned and operated Insurance School offering Pre-Licensing courses as well as Continuing Education courses.We are the only Online school domiciled in the State of Georgia ,meaning you are using a school based right here in Georgia

Operations continued for the next 12 years when in January 2019 the founding owner sold A.I.C. schools and the new owners moved to Idaho, and it was Domiciled there. The new ownership began operating under the original corporate name A.I.C. Insurance School and the DBA destinations of 1st was dropped.

Effective January 1st, 2022, A.I.C. Insurance School was re-purchased by the original owner and the corporate headquarters was moved back to Georgia and reinstated under the D.B.A. designations 1st Georgia, 1st North Carolina, 1st Idaho, and 1st Tennessee. However, the corporate name A.I.C. Insurance School remains with the D.B.A.'s used a state descriptions for identifications.

Our Course offerings include all lines of authority for pre-licensing in the states with a certificate of completion and as an Exam Prep school for non-pre-licensing states. Continuing Education is available to all states A.I.C is approved and licensed.

Consequently, when one examines our course offerings , it becomes apparent that we have made available many aspects of learning . A.I.C, by early spring 2023 will offer an online supplemental Classroom learning experience using state of the art AVATAR instructors to enhance the online studies.

Additional supplemental Learning Tools include both an online textbook and matching hard copy study manual for off-line study. Other supplemental tools include online flash cards and offline hard copy flash using a different set of cards. This combination gives the student both an Online and Off-line study option. Finally, several thousand practice questions, a comprehensive review course module that supports the base courses and a Final Certification exam for those 26 States requiring a pre-licensing certificate.





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